Our garments are crafted from high-quality fabrications to ensure longevity across the product's lifetime. Sourced from reputable manufacturers, our fabrics are classic and timeless. Some of our main fabrics sourced for our garments are Wool Worsted, Merino and Cotton.

Wool Worsted

Wool Worsted fabrication is utilised for its strong, yet fine and smooth qualities. Our suits crafted from this fabric are less bulky and lighter in weight while still retaining the warmth that other types of suits may lose when made with a finer wool yarn. Additionally, garments crafted from this fabrication are less likely to pill overtime and are known to be more resilient.

Merino Wool

Diana Klisaris garments crafted from Merino Wool are designed with the intention of producing long lasting garments. Utilised for its biodegradable, natural and wrinkle resistant qualities, this fabrication is perfect for the cooler winter months.

Cotton Twill

Cotton Twill is utilised by Diana Klisaris for its buttery soft feel, comfortability and versatility. Its unique texture and weaving pattern sets it apart from other fabrics, making it a timeless fabric. Additionally, as cotton is a natural, biodegradable fibre, it supports our brand ethos in producing environmentally friendly and responsible garments.

For complete satisfaction follow these basic care instructions to preserve your garments longevity.

— Creased garments recover well in a humid environment. Hang them somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom, or vaporise them lightly with water
— To help maintain the shape of your coat always hang your jacket on an appropriate hanger that supports the shoulders and always hang your trousers vertically
— Store your coat in a breathable garment bag for protection
— Have your coat dry cleaned once a season, excessive dry cleaning can reduce the garments longevity