Diana Klisaris is dedicated to creating elegant, considered, and timeless pieces for empowered women.


Our fabric is sourced from mills that generate energy for production and heating sustainably. Renewable clean burn resources such as wood pellets and agricultural by-products like walnuts and hazel nut shells are used for production. The water used in all processes is strictly regulated so it can be returned to a neutral ph and used as drinking water. All fibre and yarn waste is over-dyed and rested or donated to like-minded industries for use as filing in furniture and bedding.

QUALITY — Garments of outstanding quality that deliver the highest value to customers. Working with collaborators to produce limited quantities of exclusive garments

INTEGRITY — Upholding the highest standards by sourcing materials ethically. We are committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

INNOVATION — Our design ethos comes from creating new innovative designs and experiences founded in traditional tailoring construction.


Every garment is produced locally in Melbourne, which enables us to support local employers. This hands on approach develops strong relationships with every stakeholder in the production process. Every Diana Klisaris piece is created with local, industry leaders that create with integrity and ensure a high quality of ethical production practices.